Late Youth Revival

Late Youth Revival, a graduate collection by Zara Soemadinata. Inspired by the 70’s punk era and her Indonesian heritage, Late Youth Revival blends cultures and up-cycled pieces in a bold, sustainable and innovative way.

We interviewed Zara to explore more about the brand and discover her plans for the future;

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

After learning how unethical and how much waste was created by fast fashion, I knew I needed to make a sustainable collection. Aesthetically, I was inspired by the 70’s punk movement because the attitude of that era was all about rebelling and going against the norm. I thought it was appropriate because I wanted to have a bold point of view.


What fabrics and materials did you use?

A lot of vintage clothes out there are still in very good condition and their textiles are so unique. About 70% of the textiles for this collection derived from cut up vintage clothes and left over textiles that I’ve repurposed. There was a lot of corduroy, velvet, silks, pleather, faux fur, a lot of textured textiles. I had to strategically plan my designs and patterns to the textiles that I had. It was very tricky and took a lot of time but it was worth it because it made the whole experience more special. For design details I used a lot of chains, safety pins, zips and chunky metal rings.


Who is the collection aimed at?

My collection is aimed at the innovative youth that are eccentric and not afraid of wearing bold clothing.


Are you looking at expanding the brand in the future?

I am wanting to expand the brand but at a very slow pace because I need to learn a lot more about this industry before expanding.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve recently got a job so I’m very excited and focused on starting my career. In the future, I want to create some digital art which are designed to inspire people to learn about sustainability and zero-waste lifestyle. I will never stop designing and making clothes. My dream is to have a sustainable fashion business one day so I’m working towards it!


Creative Direction: Zara Soemadinata & Shak Toefy
Photography: Half & Halve
Designer/Stylist: Zara Soemadinata
Models: Sarah Drew
               Caleb Moses
                        Cara Greenbaum


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