Half & Halve are a Cape Town based youth inspired media duo specializing in fashion and lifestyle. 

The name ‘Half & Halve’ describes two halves which make up a whole. This depicts the pairing of brothers Shakeel Toefy & Tash Toefy whom much like the words ‘half’ and ‘halve’, they share similar interests but are two completely different facets that both play a crucial role in the brand.



Shakeel Toefy: (Age: 22)

Since high school, I have always had an interest in the corporate world of business. Learning about managing finances, the economics of business and marketing are some aspects that I’m particularly interested in. Growing up around my grandparents, their attention to detail and love for well tailored garments is where I discovered my love for fashion. As a kid, I was always trying to follow trends until I realized that fashion is a form of identity. It allows for individuality and self expression and is something that shouldn’t be replicated.  Since then my interests within the industry have expanded and fashion has become a representation of my personality.

In February 2016, I decided to start my own company, which combines both my personal & academic interests. ‘Half & Halve’ is a Cape Town based media duo specializing in Fashion and lifestyle photography. ‘Half & Halve’ has helped my personal growth as an Entrepreneur and through our platform I’m able to voice my opinion and share my ideas through visual stories. It has also given me practical experience in running a successful company, working with people, public speaking and handling finances.

Apart from ‘Half & Halve’, I am studying a Bachelor of Business science majoring in Finance at UCT and I am expected to complete my undergraduate degree in 2019. Once completed, I would like to do an honours degree in Marketing to further my knowledge and better equip myself for the world of business. I am determined to grow my current business into a full time job with a focus on providing young/aspiring creatives a platform for growth in the industry.

I believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to as long as you are prepared to work for it.



Tash Toefy: (Age: 20)

As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in the creative world. Whether it was pencil drawings, music production or photography, I have always been fascinated with the creative arts, which is why I have pursued it further both in my business as well as in my studies.

Alongside my studies, which I started in 2016, I also started my business. This made 2016 a very eventful year for me. Trying to balance my studies with the business was not an easy feat but I believe that if you start something you should do it whole-heartedly and go in with confidence or not pursue it at all. In February 2016, we decided to start the brand, which combines various aspects of my love for the creative arts. ‘Half & Halve’ is a Cape Town based media duo specializing in Fashion and lifestyle photography. Besides the achievements of 2016, I believe that there is room for growth going forward into this year and I’m always looking for ways to improve.

The future holds boundless opportunities, although you’ll have to kick down some doors to access them.