Fila South Africa

Fila today is one of the fashion industries leading brands within the sports scene. Founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers, in northern Italy, and later becoming a well-known name in the sporting industry for their sleek, modern and minimalist designs. Fila took the world by storm with their innovative designs and consumer-focused outlook.

For this shoot Calista styled two classic Fila garments with a light and flexible element throughout. The first look was shot on a basketball court, which is where the Fila brand first took off back in the early 20th century. The second look she focused on a more urban, street style trend that’s originates from the 90’s sports era.


The movement towards street-wear within the fashion industry has seen Fila successfully transition into the 21st century. Fila; make the rules.

Written By: Faiz Toefy

Model: Calista Da Luz

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