The Tree of Life Bakery

The Tree of Life Bakery was founded on the 2ndof September 2015 by father-son duo, West and Kyle Chowles, but the story does not begin there.

West had been baking and selling crunchies informally for several years before his daughter (Kyle’s sister), asked him if he could possibly make a crunchy that contained no wheat. Due to her intolerance she was unable to eat the ones he usually baked. This encouraged West to design a recipe that contained no wheat – and through trial and error he managed to develop a recipe so unique that it did not only lack wheat, but it was completely devoid of any flour or flour alternatives. This quality made it one of a kind, and the only completely flourless crunchies on the market.


Kyle had been working overseas during this time but when he returned to find what his father had created he knew that he could combine his dream of creating a brand whose core values of acceptance and love could be bonded with his father’s unique product. Their goal is to not only to provide people with a far superior wheat-free crunchy, in comparison to what was currently on the market, but also to provide them with the ability to change the world. This might sound like a far-fetched fictional story, but Kyle and West believe that as more and more people accept The Tree of Life Bakery products into their lives, the more people are buying into the brand and it’s core values.


We all deserve to be loved equally and this begins by being accepted for who we are in every aspect.

To stay in touch with the brand, follow them on instagram:
The Tree of Life Bakery





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