Tread & Miller

The people that are passionate about their shoes. Living and breathing leather and laces, Tread and Miller have become known as one of the leading footwear brands in the country as they offer a wide selection of mens and womens shoes suited for any occasion, personality or style.

Cape Town’s ‘Mom & Dad”too to the streets for a Sunday trip exploring their favourite sites and scenes in a pair of Tread & Miller’s suited to the specific outing.


Sundays are perfect for unwinding with great company and conversation. With Anesu & Abongwe, laughter and relaxation accompany them everywhere and their presence radiates a sense of positive confidence.  Comfort and style are equally important to both of them and with Tread & Miller they never need to substitute comfort or style.

Ending off the afternoon with a seaside stroll. The duo look toward a new week filled with opportunity.


To shop these shoes and more:

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