Caribbean Tan

Moving back into Summer South Africans are all going to be seen back on the beach getting their summertime tan. Caribbean Tan, the self-tanning brand established in 2003, is here to make the tanning experience so much easier in order to keep your skin glowing and radiant throughout the warmer months. Caribbean Tan puts the … Continue reading Caribbean Tan


The top oral hygiene brand and household name Aquafresh can be found in every South African household's bathroom for the last 40 years ever since the brand's conception. Aquafresh has made a name for themselves in this way by delivering products that make sure your teeth stay healthy and their customers stay smiling. Aquafresh, being … Continue reading Aquafresh


Offset is a new womens fashion brand that was born from the creative mind of Shakeera Mosajee. Shakeera is a Cape Town based fashion designer who wanted to create a womenswear brand that takes classic silhouettes and modernizes them for the strong empowered women of today. Offsets first launch consisted of beautiful knitwear pieces, maxi … Continue reading Offset