Mthembeni Ndevu is a South African rapper who, in the earlier stages of his life, grew up in Soweto. Growing up in Soweto Gauteng, Mthembeni always strived to make something of himself, which is a topic he often raps about within his music. Making something of himself through music under the stage name Emtee, Mthembeni has been making hit after hit for the South African public and recently even left his initial record label in order to start his own. Making major moves like starting your own record label shows how passionate Emtee’s attitude is regarding the music industry. Mthembeni wants to both create music and help others with their music careers too because of his love for the art form . 

Emtee recently released his new song Wave that speaks to his career as an artist and about how far he’s come over the years. The slow house party vibes of the song resonates with the lyrics where Emtee is reminiscing on his life up to where he is now. This nostalgic feeling to the music also shows up within the visuals of the music video as well, making for a fantastic release.

Written By: Faiz Toefy

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