Under Armour

Fitness and health is one of the most important aspects of living. Under Armour, who started aiding in global healthy living since 1996, have been providing their customers with the equipment and apparel needed to reach fitness goals they never knew they had. Under Armour has been a long time supporter of equality in the sporting and fitness scene, and in order to push  this further Under Armour declared 2020 the ‘Year of the Female’. The campaign featured four amazing women in the fitness industry all who’ve focused their careers on the upliftment encouraging of women to live their healthiest lives.

Abbi Mcduling is a fitness and lifestyle coach who wants women to know the ways that good workouts can change your life. Abbi, better known as ActiveLiving helps her audience to live healthily while also continuously challenging herself further to become the best athlete she can.

Aneeka Buys, of @FitGirlZA, is a Cape Town based personal trainer and coach. Aneeka is accomplished in the fitness world and even created her own FitGirl Training Method to help her followers achieve their fitness dreams. FitGirl is determined and inspired to help women in starting their own fitness journeys while being a mentor for them every step along the way.

Amy Hopkins, also known as Amy Hoppy is a fitness, food and mental health advocate who puts the empowerment of women at the forefront of her work. Amy is a community organizer, creating groups and events for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Amy is also a yoga coach and a public speaker. Looking at Amy’s lifestyle one can tell she is dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of both physical health and mental health. 

Nomvula Khuzwayo is a Cape Town based fitness trainer and athlete. Nomvula is a fitness guru that often offers her audience workout and diet advice, along with being a fitness inspo to her followers by providing work out content. Nomvula also encourages physical and mental health while trying to specifically empower girls and women, who are from township areas like herself, to chase their dreams.

Written By: Faiz Toefy


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