Grade Africa x Grasshoppers

Grade Africa is a South African fashion brand focused around streetwear. The brand name Grade Africa is in reference to “first grade” which they describe to be the foundation to life.  They named themselves after first grade because they believe one can only elevate oneself from that point onward and that’s how they see themselves as a brand. Grade focuses heavily on the diversity of people and how that plays into streetwear. The brand itself priding themselves on its diverse community that is driven by self expression through streetwear. The emphasis put on diversity from Grade Africa has made them very influential and popular among POC, specifically among coloured people and within coloured culture. Grades influence can be seen throughout coloured streetwear within South Africa. Recently Grade Africa collaborated with another brand beloved among the POC community; Grasshoppers. The new shoe line has a modern looking design to it that still retains the much loved grasshopper silhouette but now with much more fashionable colourways.

Written By: Faiz Toefy

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