Three Mag – “Chew Like Nobody’s Listening” with Jodie Peterson

Serving: Culture is an exploration of what ‘culture’ means today, to youth, to South Africans, to you. For this issue, Three Magazine collaborated with Jodie Peterson inviting her to tell us her story of culture through food, art and fashion. This is what she served… Enjoy!

Contextualizing her influences and reminiscing an unapologetic childhood happiness, Jodie Petersen – full time model, twin, creative and entrepreneur – tells us to Chew Like Nobody’s Listening. Why the title? Because people are their complete unapologetic selves when they’re alone, not hiding parts of themselves to be more palatable for others.

Coloured culture, and the food within that, represents a large part of life in Cape Town for Jodie – not just personally, but in terms of representation too. Food is how we stay in touch with our heritage, how we bring our people together, how we relate to our pasts and preserve our culture.

Written By: Nuhaa Soeker

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