DigsConnect – Digsaur 2020

Digsaur is a marketing campaign launched by DigsConnect that took the form of a weeklong social media competition. 

5 days, 5 tasks, 5 objectives and R50 000 in cash. Competitors were sent one task per day and had twenty-four hours to complete the objective in order to unlock the next task. The competition culminated with the final five competing at a live event for their chance to claim the cash. 

The inspiration behind the visual production of the marketing campaign was to create a virtual/online reality with futuristic elements. The content aimed to emphasize the cash prize while showcasing elements of a digital race. The mystery portrayed within the fast-paced feel created an unsettling feeling within its viewers. 

The campaign was the first of it’s kind and will potentially be a yearly competition hosted by DigsConnect. 

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