Daveen Voigt – Lookbook

Daveen Voigt is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Worcester. Daveen here showcases two summer looks that compliment her overall semi-formal power woman aesthetic. 

In the first look we see Daveen wearing an 80s inspired lavender power suit. The lavender power suit is then paired with a white crop-top and black sneakers to give the look a more casual and wearable feel to it. The look is then accessorized with a black bag and matching black glasses in order to keep the focus on the strong silhouette and colour of the suit. 


In the second look we see Daveen wearing a brown leather dress with matching dark brown tinted glasses, chunky black boots, and a sand coloured bag. Much like the look before, this outfit also has a strong silhouette and an overall semi-formal appeal to it but this time with a more subdued earth toned pallet.


Written By: Faiz Toefy

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