Luke India – Autumn/Winter Lookbook

Luke India is a genderfluid fashion blogger that takes inspiration from both masculine and feminine silhouettes and aesthetics. With every outfit Luke is breaking down who fashion can be for and posing the question of what fashion can be without any gender restrictive boundaries.

In the first of four Autumn/Winter looks we see Luke wearing an early 2000s cheetah print top underneath a contrasting yellow zebra printed dress that has a wide black belt to define a waistline and a lace detail on the neckline. This is then paired with a simple olive green overcoat to tone down the two loud prints beneath. They then accessorize with a clear handbag and a low strappy heel that has gold buckle details to finish off the look.

If earth tones aren’t for you Luke shows an easy way of layering black, whites and greys to get a more business-casual chic look. In this outfit Luke has on a checkered skirt overtop a wide legged white pant along with a black heel. This black heel is then matched with a fur coat perfect to keep you warm on those rainy winter days.


In this third look we see Luke playing with both masculine and feminine pieces. They pair a very effeminate tiered tulle dress with a more contrasting masculine fitted blazer and an off-white inspired belt to cinch in the waistline. This all together creates an interesting silhouette that is then made more casual with the use of the cheetah print sneaker.

in this final look, Luke is channeling Cher Horowitz with a yellow checkered blazer paired with a checkered skirt. This 90’s businesswoman look is complete with a white button up shirt and nude heels to match the nude turtleneck beneath the shirt. Small dainty necklaces are used to accessorize along with a matching gold sequined bag to bring that lux feel to the outfit.


Written By: Faiz Toefy

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