Urban Legend; with G-Star Raw

G-star RAW is known for its premium urban pieces, innovative denim work and luxury quality. It is no wonder that G-star RAW has become one of the most prominent fashion brands. Their pieces are easily identified and their following loyal.

Not only does this brand inspire fashion, but diversity, connectivity and authenticity. G-star RAW celebrates the power behind diversity, through real people. Urban Legend takes the very essence of these social and creative messages, and catapults them into the realm of high fashion, urban edge.



Purchasing a good denim piece is like making an investment; the right fit, the right wash, the right style. G-star RAW are experts when it comes to denim, they have a range of classic as well as innovative takes on the material. High quality and attention to detail makes all the difference, whether it be a slight differentiation in wash or the hem of a cuff.

G-star RAW extends itself beyond their iconic denim; tailored design means we’re spoilt for choice. This is a brand that knows how to invoke a textural experience of fashion.



G-star RAW allows for the preservation of iconic pieces, but encourages the creation of entirely new, confident combinations; empowering individuals to embrace their originality.

Written By: Nicola Kruger

Photographer: Half & Halve

Stylist: Nicola Kruger

Models: Hannah Mather

Gandhi Mukiza

Zoya Pon

Clothing: G-Star RAW

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