RushTush Ramadaan memo

Rushda Moosajee, better known as ‘RushTush’, is a health and wellness coach, personal trainer and lifestyle blogger. Rush aims to empower women and their bodies by instilling confidence in them through her work and influence.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle within Ramadan can often be seen as a challenging task to take on. Rushda however challenges this mindset showing that it’s not only achievable, but also essential during this holy month.

Rushda wears a stunning orange coloured suit paired with chanel glasses and a multicoloured scarf. This warm orange look compliments the sunset perfectly and also ties in certain elements of Ramadan very well. At sunset every day all muslims who are partaking in the act of fasting would then end/break their fast, therefore making this location and look very suitable for this time of year.

Exercise and wellness during the month of Ramadan often takes a back seat but keeping up your fitness during this time can be very rewarding on your physical, mental and spiritual well being. Rushda keeps to a regular fitness schedule during Ramadan and views the hardships of it as part of the fasting experience. She also aims to encourage others to follow suit in trying not to put their health and fitness on hold during this time of year.

We’d like to wish our Muslim followers a successful month of Ramadaan. May this month bring an abundance of blessing and shower your life with joy, sympathy and forgiveness.

Written By: Faiz Toefy

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