Bombay Sapphire; with Sanele Xaba

Bombay Sapphire is a premium gin brand that celebrates creativity and innovation. Bombay’s latest mission, “Stir Creativity” celebrated exactly that. Stir Creativity is all about self-expression and the freedom to create without fear of judgement.


Stir Creativity was launched in South Africa after successful launches in powerhouses all over the world, such as Paris and Berlin to name a few. Bombay Sapphire partnered with the founder of South African design label, Maxhosa, the very talented Laduma Ngxokolo. Together the collaboration has embarked on online activations, limited edition packs and creative alliances.

Stir Creativity is all about inspiring individuals to reconnect with their innate individuality and inventiveness. Bombay Sapphire is the perfect brand for the mission; there is so much creative energy behind the creation of a perfectly balanced and innovative drink. Bombay Sapphire has given individuals the chance to interact with their favourite gin in a creative way, while simultaneously producing something personal and special.

Written By: Nicola Kruger

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