Digs Connect

DigsConnect is the largest student resident accommodation organisation in South Africa founded by Alexandria Proctor. DigsConnect focuses around connecting registered students that are looking for safe and secure accommodation with landlords looking for suitable tenants.The DigsConnect organization also aims to create bonds and lasting friendships between ‘digsmates’ by putting like minded students together on the same property.

Student focused marketing has been the main focus of the online organisation since its inception in 2017. Since then many exciting and fun filled events have been held throughout the country to both grow the platform and to encourage students to use their online service. DigsConnect has been very successful in its recent years raising over twelve million rand in investments, this success continues to be seen today based on the rapid growth and development of the online service. DigsConnect has been a nationwide innovation for students by making student accommodation simpler throughout South Africa as well making the student life easier by connecting people together.

We’re glad to have partnered with the student-based team at DigsConnect for the remainder of the year.

Written by: Faiz Toefy

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