Rushda Moosajee, better known as ‘RushTush’, is a health and wellness coach, personal trainer and lifestyle blogger. Rush aims to empower women and their bodies by instilling confidence in them through her work and her powerful feminine demeanor.

These two luxury looks were worn to the Beauty revolution event that she was a part of. The event took place in Sandton City, Joburg and Rushda formed part of a panel of influential women in South Africa sharing their views on body positivity and diversity. Beauty revolution is an organization focused on changing the conversation around beauty and making sure it is an inclusive and diverse space for all, therefore making Rush the perfect fit for the panel.

Her first outfit for the event had an overall pallet of soft pastel pinks along with salmon and black touches to tie the look together. The silhouette of the outfit invisons ideas of power, self-confidence, and strength while still maintaining classic ideas of femininity through the soft colouring and styling. This look coupled with the etherealness of the location created a beautiful day one look for Rushda.

The second day took a more edgy street-style approach consisting of luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga. In this second look Rushda keeps a chic but urban feel to the outfit by pairing the more edgy monochromatic black with a nude heel. This creates an interesting blend of styles within the outfit and shows Rushdas’ versatile take on ideas of powerful feminine beauty through fashion.

Written By: Faiz Toefy



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