Rocking The Daisies ’18

This year, Rocking the Daisies came with many changes, but the same energy, excitement and good music was still present. People from all over Cape Town, and some from even further, for a good time, and that’s what they got.

This years Daisies was definitely one of the hottest, but the funky music transcended the outdoors, to make for just the right vibe to boogie, ankle deep in the cool dam waters. Despite the soring temperatures, festival goers braved the heat for a range of genre’s and stages. Festivals are definitely not just about good music, but they have also become about stylish outfits. The latest trends could be seen everywhere, from campsite to dancefloor. Trends included a range from classic festival looks to edgy sports luxe and streetwear.

The electric energy of the day transferred to the festivities of the night. Acts like Amine, 6lack and called crowds to stages like bees to honey. No matter the time of the day, dancefloors were filled with synchronized moving bodies; there were options for multiple tastes.

Rocking the Daisies 2018 definitely created a memorable experience for all that attended; the start of the summer festival season began with a bang.


Written By: Nicola Kruger

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