RedThread Apparel X

Balancing the luxury of couture with the edginess of streetwear in a way that creates high fashion statement pieces; REDTHREAD APPAREL X is a brand that embodies exactly what it stands for “blend in but stand out”.

The young creative behind REDTHREAD APPAREL X, Daniel Moleka, has created a name for himself as an innovative streetwear couture designer who draws inspiration from his everyday surroundings. These surroundings include tv shows and cartoons, but his primary source of inspiration comes from the world of anime; in this way Daniel stands out from many designers in the industry. Daniel originally aspired to become a mangaka, an anime artist, but his creative drive led him to the world of fashion where he started REDTHREAD APPAREL X while still in school; working with his brother David Moleka, the business mind behind the brand. Daniel’s source of inspiration adds a multimedium effect to his pieces that incorporates the definitive attitude found in streetwear.

REDTHREAD APPAREL X focuses on the youth culture of millennials; a representation of who millennials are and what millennials stand for. The name symbolises a thread that connects the new creative generation. The pieces created by REDTHREAD APPAREL X represent a youthful rebellion that seems to be taking over the fashion industry.

The luxury of premium quality and a good fit, a classic; now add edge, textured details and brand defining creativity. “Blending in but standing out” is truly embodied by this brand. Pieces are versatile and refined, in a way that makes them appropriate for adding opulence to any look; while the details of each garment truly stand out in a way that showcases considered design and a fresh creative twist.

Despite Daniels youth, his creative energy and dedication has led REDTHREAD APPAREL X to many opportunities. Showcasing at the renowned Cannes Film Festival, collaborating with iconic menswear brand Issa Leo and debuting at South African Menswear Week; REDTHREAD APPAREL X is making waves and moving at a powerful trajectory. It can only be implied that the future for this young designer and his brand will continue to bring luxury and innovation to the fashion industry.


Written By: Nicola Kruger

Concept creator & Stylist: Nicola Kruger
Photography: Half & Halve
Models: Denver Nazima (Twenty Model Management)
JayJay Seigneur (Boss Models)

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