Malin Rouge

Malin Rouge is a Berlin born creative that is continually experimenting with various forms of fashion. Malin’s blog, ‘Park & Bark’ is her personally curated platform which she’s used to share her fashion stories over the last 6 years. She graduated from the AMD University of Fashion & Design but for Malin, fashion has been her form of expression since she can remember.

“I started my blog six years ago, I did everything myself, from the logo, to the website symbols and backgrounds. It was a lovely mess, but it was mine. Since then I’ve always looked for ways to reinvent my blog design and keep my content relative. My blog will always stay a personal space and an outlet for my creativity and journey through the fashion industry.”

Malin’s love for the fashion industry and genuine love for sharing is why she started her blog. She created her ‘own little space’ in the online world. She uses fashion as her form of expression and has always been fascinated by the versatility of a simple outfit change.

These are some of our images from our vintage inspired sports-styled shoot with Malin, while in Cape Town.




To keep up to date with Malin’s posts, follow her on Instagram: @malin.rouge

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