Fashion Meet #5

Our 5th edition of the Fashion Meet took place in Tokai Forest, which offered the perfect setting for autumn/winter layers, textures and colours. This time around our theme was ‘Cosy’, which each member of the group interpreted in their own way.



The Fashion Meet is a quarterly gathering which we put together as a way for us to assist aspiring creatives in their ventures within the fashion industry. Having been in similar positions just over two years ago we felt it was important to give these young creatives a platform to showcase/share their creative abilities while simultaneously allowing them to be in front of the camera, something that every creative needs to learn to do. The Fashion Meet is our way of sharing our journey through the industry as well as offering crucial advice and tips for anyone looking to grow as a creative. The 5th edition was joined by model and all-round creative, Mziyanda Malgas (Lohaanda) from ‘My Friend Ned’. Mzi was recently part of Woolworths’ ‘We are Edition’ campaign and has worked alongside some of the best in the local industry, having only been modelling for just over one year. His growth as a creative has been extremely inspiring as he is an example to young people that you don’t have to look or act a certain way to succeed, success follows those that are passionate and genuine.

We look forward to witnessing the growth of these individuals in the future and we’re certain that they’ll be some of the talented creatives breaking barriers in the fashion industry over the next few years.

Justin Barth:
Adam Kagee:
Nathaniel Edwards:
Nikita Bebb:
Ewald Rist:
Nizole Mbaleki:
Don Omphile:
Mondli Nkosi:
Dylan Wentzel:



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