Silence from the sea

The female powerhouse; strong, striking, and commanding.

Silence From The Sea is a concept that was born out of the idea of the powerhouse career woman who takes refuge and calm from the sea.

Corporate success has traditionally been associated and attributed to males and masculinities. Not only has the notion been reserved for males, but females who do surpass the “glass ceiling” are often labelled as unfeminine. The entire process takes agency away from women and their journey.

This editorial plays on the gendered stereotypes of success by using fashion in a way that sends a message and takes back agency.

The form, colour palette and fabric choice of the menswear used gives way to the colder days ahead.  Oversized vintage blazers were transformed into cinched dresses with the use of detailed ties. The “male” tie can further be transformed, by wrapping it into a neckerchief while suspenders and collared shirts are fitted to the body.

The silent surrounding bringing a relief, a silence, to the chaotic noise of outside pressures.

Silence From The Sea celebrates the transitioning world of expectations and realities, as well as celebrating the unstoppable force that emerges when powerful women unite and support each other; finally taking back agency.



Written By: Nicola Kruger

Concept Creation: Nicola Kruger
Styling: Nicola Kruger
Clothing: Nevernew
Makeup: Britts Guest
Models: Joy Lakay (Fusion Model Management )
      Katja Hartog (20 Model Management)

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