Versatile Street Style

Relevance and versatility are two elements of fashion that will always be important. Wearing designer pieces in everyday outfits means balancing standout elements in an easy-going way. ALC is notorious for their recognizable prints, dynamic fits and bright colours. Often times, individuals reserve these pieces for specific occasions or events. This lookbook aims to showcase how the captivating nature of designer wear can be translated to everyday life.

Outfit 1:

The sophisticated street style; contrasting sweat pants and sneakers with a structured jacket and neckerchief.

Outfit 2:

The preppy, fresh and vibrant street style look: a light mint shirt contrasting polka dot pants. This look is an extremely soft version of street style.

Outfit 3:

The minimalist, arty street style. This understated simplicity is elevated with a wrap shirt and the colour lenses add a trendy touch.

Outfit 4: 

The high-end, statement and standout street style; let a skirt be the new look. This outfit is powerful in its form, flow and flair.



Written By: Nicola Kruger

Photography: Half & Halve
Stylist: Nicola Kruger
Clothing: ALC man
Model: Reatile Mohlaoli (Full Circle)


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