Frozen in time; fresh faced and funky.

“Paused” is a visual story of an intricate duo who have paused to savor the moment. The vintage feel of the clothing and images also links to the idea of a “paused” era; when things were simpler and more satisfying. Timeless pieces tell the classic and legendary tales of this time, a time of perms, drive-ins and puffed sleeves.

Our edgy, street-styled couple start their journey in a man-made setting. A place of saturation, vibrancy and movement. The outfits are perpetual yet fresh; a contrast between flowy patterns and a form of vintage street style.

The inescapable business of it all causes our pair to escape. They escape to the boundary-less surroundings of nature. Spirits are lifted and inhibitions forgotten as self-governance takes over.



Written by: Nicola Kruger

Concept Creator: Nicola Kruger
Photographer: Half & Halve
Stylist: Nicola Kruger
Models: Jared Leite
                 Tegan Welz
Clothing: Nevernew

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