There is a power attained in the process of embracing what has always been shunned and silenced; a softer masculinity.

A more fluid and intersectional notion of identity is at the forefront of emerging society. Emerging society being the millennial’s and the free thinking members of the previous generation. This fluidity has allowed for the most beautiful blurring of boundaries. No longer a straightforward polarization; a softer masculinity, a harsher femininity, an embrace of both or neither. The culture surrounding experimental fashion displays just this.

“Softer” explores the concept of a softer masculinity. Softer in relation to a more gentle experience. This editorial celebrates the strength and confidence in not having to aggressively and extravagantly showcase ones power; such traditional “roles” often attempting to create a powerful individualism, however, rather contributing to a societal conformity.  “Softer” alludes to not only physical but mental and emotional aspects of individuality. There is both a hidden and intellectual capacity in the power to confront expectation.

Nature can be a place where individuals search for a natural and instinctual entity. This editorial tells the story of the search and the finding of a softer masculinity. This journey takes place in the purest of places, a place where no external influences may alter the outcome.

The piece needed to cater to the simplistic and understated strength of such individuals; not the biggest of unities but powerful enough to stand alone. The details of layered textures and a light variety of pastel colours contribute to the simple complexity of such a concept.

“Softer” celebrates those that are powerful and unapologetic; the individuals that embrace a previously forbidden identity and exude a sense of gentle capability and perplexity.


Written By: Nicola Kruger

Concept Creation: Nicola Kruger
Photographer: Half & Halve
Stylist: Nicola Kruger
Models: Matthias Lang (Full Circle)
                    Reatile Mohloali (Full Circle)


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