Kelly-Anne Joseph

I am Kelly-Anne Joseph. Just a few months ago I was Kelly-Anne Morgan. I am a twenty something, newlywed living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I work in the broadcast media industry. I have an Honours degree in Film and Television production and a Masters degree in Brand Strategy. So that’s my 9 to 5. I’m obviously not a full-time blogger so I thought it would be interesting for a regular girl to share her perspective on fashion, a full-time (demanding) job and married life.  I hope that you’ll be able to relate to me because I intend on writing honest posts that will hopefully inspire you to enjoy and appreciate your current state of being even though social media often tricks us into thinking we need to lead ‘blogger lives’. For most of us, reality is a bit different and that is okay.


The concept behind my blog was for it to be aimed at brown girls, by a brown girl. For years I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and I was completely self-conscious. I say ‘completely’ because I was socially paralyzed. My skin colour dictated most of my childhood experiences. Somehow, I’ve moved passed that but I often reflect on those days. It’s taken me 20 years to get my confidence in order. So I suppose I’m hyper aware of the fact that there are ladies who are still struggling with insecurities based on their skin colour. I wanted to create a platform that not only showcases nice clothes (which has been a coping mechanism for me, for years) but also a platform that is honest and empowering. I will tell you about the practices of self-love that have worked for me and those that have failed. I will share the horrid experiences I’ve had based on my skin colour and the lessons I’ve learnt. I’ve always loved clothes, makeup and a good bargain so I’m grateful that my industry allows me to be as creative as I please with my outfits. Fashion has helped me love myself. You will see that fashion is more than just something superficial. For some, it has a much deeper meaning. Journey with me as I put together work wear outfits, discover bargain buys, and beauty products that work for my skin tone.

I will also write about marriage and the stuff we don’t often read about online. How to cope with the shock of responsibility after living with your parents for 25 years? Yes, I will talk about everything.


I will share some insights about tertiary education and career paths in South Africa. I will profile some of the most interesting and influential people in my life and highlight the things I’ve learnt from them, that could be useful to you too. Often our biggest source of inspiration is right in front of us, but we just aren’t looking.

I hope you find inspiration through my site that will make you smile and perhaps help you celebrate yourself, your face, your hair, your skin and your body. It may sound bizarre but I’m sure you’d agree; those are often the things we find hardest to love.

Love & Joy

Written By: Kelly-Anne Joseph

Instagram: Kelly Anne Joseph
Stylist: Sean Hadid

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