Revised trends with A Store

2017 was a year that saw several old trends get revised and reworn with other modern elements in the fashion industry. It was a year that brought the ‘cool’ factor back to tracksuits and saw the introduction of military styled garments such as, cargo pants, rugged leather boots and overalls.

Trends in fashion often only last one season and can be anything from a popular style of sneakers to certain clothing items that everyone has to get their hands on. This past autumn/winter season saw the rise of tracksuits in all shapes, forms, colours and styles. Tracksuits were first spotted as pieces worn with certain street-style looks, paired with the new yeezy 350 boosts, Airmax 97’s or any statement sneaker for that matter. It then started filtering through to womes luxe-wear, worn with heels to balance out your evening attire, keeping it stylish yet comfortable.

Whatever way you decide to rock these trends make sure that you stay unique by adding your own elements to it. Stay creative and continue to express through the way you dress.

All garments can be found online at A STORE.




Model: Kevin Mukena
Styling: Musa Nyangiwe
Clothing: A Store


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