Eaton Threads Co.

Eaton Threads Co. exists for those who aim to leave their mark on the world. We believe in cultivating a community, woven together by passion, creativity & positivity.  We do this by formulating long lasting customer relationships, creating products that stay relevant in the minds of consumers as well as being extremely disruptive with the way we bring our product forward into the marketplace. We just happen to make the greatest socks in the world.

We produce socks that give our customers the confidence to stand out and leave their mark on the world. The brand image is very minimalistic, with simple icons, colors and texts accompanying very bold and outlandish sock designs. This contrast gives us the ability to draw inspiration from a variety of sources within our society, as well as provides us with a large area in the middle, making room for creative expression. This contrast ultimately makes the brand somewhat peculiar at first, but extremely fitting when fully indulged

The socks are sold in Cape Town at the moment through our Instagram page, with the hopes of expanding into other retail stores, online platforms & parts of SA within the next few months! The first release of 100 exclusive pairs will be available from mid December 2017.

The logo follows a minimal design, with the letter ‘E’ being reversed. The letter itself stands for the founders surname ‘EATON’ and the fact that it is reversed is evident of the brands alternative way of thinking. The letter ’T’ appears in the circle too which stands for ‘THREADS’ in the company’s name, ‘EATON THREADS CO.’ The space in between everything else represents a large area, purposefully left open for the acceptance of creative expression within the brand itself. The plain black & white colours of the logo are symbolic of the brands minimalistic and contrasting approach towards their outlandish and over the top sock designs.

Our tagline ‘LEAVE YOUR MARK’ is something we try and incorporate into everything we do as a brand. Leaving your mark can be as simple as standing out in the minds of our consumers or having the confidence to go out and achieve something monumental within society.

Go out and leave your mark. 

If you feel like joining our family, you can connect with us via:


Matthew Foord (Fan Jam Models)
Aden Ajam (20 Model Management)
Jesse De Witt

Written by: Brad Eaton

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