Change Direction

There’s something about the ocean air, clashing waves and subtle sense of relaxation that comes with living near the shore. Your problems seem to disappear and the stress from another chaotic day blows away with the wind. Your attitude changes direction and your energy is transformed into positive thoughts.


For a man-on-the-move, classic accessories are wardrobe essentials. These pieces allow you to make effortless transitions between office and sea-side attire. With SWRV, these changes are made even easier, the minimalistic timepieces are designed to be worn with almost anything. The piece adds that touch of elegance to your formal wear, with a classic face and interchangeable leather strap, it is the perfect watch for a goal driven, adventure seeking individual looking for that accessory he can never leave the house without.

Whether it’s a boardroom meeting, formal event, afternoon lunch or a stroll near the seaside, a SWRV timepiece completes your look. The versatile colour palette means that it can complete either a classic monochromatic look, or balance a more vibrant and brighter outfit. It goes without saying that less is definitely more.


After a brief afternoon of reflection, your ideas and perspectives are transformed. You’ve been so busy that without realizing it, your life has changed right in front of you.

It is important to make sure that when your life changes direction, your timepiece remains timeless.

Model 1: Jordan Roberts (Full Circle)
Model 2: Irshaad Majal (Boss Models)
Clothing: Woolworths SA
Watches: SWRV

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