RTD’17 x Converse SA

This year Rocking the Daisies seemed a ‘lil different. Thursday night actually became a party night, Main Stage was louder, Beach Bar looked different and Twos-Up had transformed into Trap House. The only thing that never seems to change is the array of eccentric outfits of festival goers; each year growing more and more adventurous.

The usual festival favourites made their appearance: Coachella styled glitter, see through netting dresses and swimwear inspired pieces. Some chose to mix up these summer staples with new trends. Visors of every shade transformed outfits into retro rad looks. Due to the chillier temperatures, colourful vintage puffers turned daytime outfits into appropriate wear for the icy wind of the night. An increase in vintage styled looks could definitely be noticed; it was no longer the minimalistic summer style that used to dominate. What truly stole the show for the newbie award was Athleisure: Monochromatic summer styled tracksuits and oversized shirt dresses, accompanied by killer sneakers and classic Converse ruled the rave.


The OG shoe for sunny sass at a festival, the Converse white Chuck, was spotted all too often on the feet of grooving bodies. They’re comfortable enough to endure a full four days camping, light enough to tap the toes in and stylish enough to gain fashion cred. Interesting to note, Chucks would be seen at each and every stage available, whether it be Electrodome or Psychedelic lick, no one is immune to the power of the versatile and cookin’ footwear that Converse creates.

There’s no doubt that the magical mayhem that goes down at Rocking The Daises will return next year, with its favourite accomplice Converse. Dressed in our signature look with our cameras as our ammunition, we will be back to encapsulate these moments in our Rocking the Daisies Festival Look book.



Written By: Nicola Kruger

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