Serenity Clothing

A brand which prides itself in producing contemporary, comfortable pieces with a specific focus on providing luxury modest garments for mature women in Cape Town. Serenity Clothing is a Cape Town based modest-wear brand that has recently changed their marketing strategy, with positive feedback, thanks to a new, youth inspired creative team.

We’ve been fortunate enough to take on the position of official photographers for Serenity Clothing over the last few months and have worked on several different projects with pieces from their Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter and most recently, their Eid range. Their pieces are classic and simple which makes it easy to pair with just about anything. The contemporary style of each garment means each piece can be worn in several different ways depending on the occasion, and the quality of their clothing makes it easy for you to hold onto across seasons. Each collection hosts an array of different colours, textures and designs which is perfect for staying on trend.

The new team have ambitions to bring the brand to retail stores around Cape Town and would like to see Serenity Clothing operating on a much bigger scale. They also hope to expand their range to accommodate younger, smaller women who also appeal to modest wear. With the way things are going at the moment their ambitions might be brought to life sooner than they expect.

Check out their Eid Range and more via the links below!

Store Address:

  • 76A 4th Avenue, Rondebosch East (Cape Town)

Social Media:


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