An African Autumn

The late afternoon glow scattered across the horizon leaving a trail of sunlight between the clouds. A signal to man that the day is drawing to a close.


A sweltering day in the middle of Autumn is far from unusual on African soil as we are all too familiar with the experience of warmer weather. The ‘between seasons’ weather allows for huge amounts of versatility as you’re able to construct outfits using both Summer or Winter pieces.

An African Autumn depicts a mid-Autumn setting, emphasising the tough working conditions for non-skilled workers as they’re faced with long working hours, minimum wage and manual labour. The piece uses the Autumn sun as a metaphor to describe the effect these working conditions have on individuals. Majority of non skilled workers have the short end of the stick as these conditions affect them the most. In contrast, the autumn sun is a signal of change, good fortune and positivity as we are encouraged to look towards the horizon and chase the afternoon glow. An African Autumn symbolizes what it means to be African and the continued journey towards prosperity.

Much like an African Autumn, we’re always trying to brighten our surroundings and take the positives out of every situation. As one day ends, another begins.


Clothing: ALC Menswear



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