Spitz Shoes #2

The classic italian brand displays its versatility in it’s newly released Carvela ‘Mule’. Thapelo put together two outfits which brought the classic Carvela’s to the forefront combined with a minimal setting to create a focus around each individual look.

Both looks combine Thapelo’s individual style with classic luxe pieces that complement the comfort of his Mules. The first outfit is styled around a brown pair while the second outfits makes use of the classic black.

For his first outfit, he paired a combination of earthy tones as an accent to the shoes. He also kept things comfortable in a knitted turtleneck to add to the overall feel of the look. This outfit perfectly encapsulates what the Carvela ‘Mule’ is known for, a classic yet stylish look that comes across as comfortable yet dressed-up. The minimal space in the tennis courts combined with the leading lines painted on the court created a strong focus on the key pieces of the outfit while the natural colours of the surroundings helps keep peoples eyes on his shoes.


His second outfit was inspired by a clean, black & white minimal look. He uses black sweat pants as a way to dress down a formal outfit yet still maintaining a sense of luxe comfort. A simple all white puffer and oversized striped shirt are paired with these pants to give the outfit an effortless look. The combination of black and white creates a strong contrast between pieces yet brings the outfit together, giving it a light yet dark feel.


Get a pair of classic brown or black Carvela Mules and enjoy a combination of style, comfort and classic Italian craftsmanship.

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