Spitz Shoes

Spitz Shoes, a classically appealing brand that prides itself on its luxurious quality and Italian craftsmanship have reignited its ‘Carvela’ brand with an aim at repositioning itself in the youth market.

The Carvela was originally known as a formal shoe but the brand have grown on people to such an extent that the Carvela is the shoe of choice for any culture or style.

We helped influencer Thapelo document two outfits for a relaxed late afternoon stroll near the ocean.

For his first outfit Taps says; “I went for colours that will complement the shoe well but not steal attention from it. I added the oversized jacket because that’s a big trend right now going into winter.” He paired neutral colours in a relaxed way to ensure that the shoe was the main focus.

“I was sticking with the autumn theme for my next look. But this time went with dark wintery colours which go very well with the shoe.” The colours on the shirt compliment the shoe and the flowers add a level of fun to the look. Topped off with a pair of bright pink socks, this look is the perfect combination of fun and stylish.

These looks perfectly represent the youthful side of Spitz shoes, an all time Italian classic.

Look 1:

Look 2:

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