Fashion Meet #2

“Standout of the season”

From the success & positive reviews of our first meet we’ve decided to turn the event into an on-going project which will take place at the end of every season. A different theme and location with a unique group of young creatives.

Our 2nd edition of the ‘Fashion Meet’ took place on Signal Hill with the end of Summer theme being “Standout of the season”. The group were asked to style themselves in pieces/colours/outfits that stood out for them this season which was an exciting addition to the project as it allowed individuals to get creative with their style while not restricting them in any way.

We were joined by model, photographer and influencer Aden Ajam who assisted the group during the shoot and shared a bit about what it takes to become a model and break into the industry. Aden said; “there are times where you feel despondent because things aren’t going your way but as long as you keep pushing you’ll get to where you want to be”. He shared some useful tips and certainly motivated a bunch of aspiring creatives to keep pushing.

The group left the day with a new network of fellow creatives, more knowledge about the industry and practical experience of being in front of the camera. We enjoyed working with the group and look forward to seeing some familiar faces at our next meet!


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