About the weekend

The much anticipated weekend has finally arrived and the guys are ready to roll. Bags packed and boards in hand, they head into the CBD, each rocking their interpretation of the modern day skater.

Exploring the streets and spending hours on their boards, they need to be comfortable in their clothing without having to cut back on style. With the new range at Cotton On you get the best of both.

Printed t-shirts are slowly regaining popularity which is why it was included in our outfit choices. These specific prints add a vintage feel to the outfit and works perfectly when going for the classic skater look. The versatility of the t-shirt is what makes it so simple to pair with just about anything.

As the day rolls on the afternoon sun begins to settle and the guys know that there’s only time to skate one last line. With their printed t-shirts, plaid shirts, & black skinny’s not only do they look the part but they have also done their skating hero’s justice.

A well spent weekend comes to an end and the guys are even more confident for the week ahead. The key to a good weekend is good company, good vibes and good clothing. The universal standard.

Shop these looks and more at selected Cotton On stores across the country.

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

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