Vmix is a 19 year old rapper originally from Durban. He has been living in Cape Town since 2006 and is currently studying graphic design at CPUT. He has been putting rhymes together since the age of 9 but started taking it seriously at the age of 13.

His latest track “Been dat way” tells a story about his life. It gives reference to what he has been through, what he is currently going through as well as what he hopes to achieve in the near future. The first half of the shoot focused on portraying Vmix in isolation, in a space where he could be alone with his thoughts and reflect on all that he’s been through. The darker theme added to the mystery of his thoughts with the elements of light being compared to his bright future.

Been Dat Way:

Listen & Download the track here:

His second track, “I feel like” which features his good friend and manager Khanyo, is a more upbeat song with Spanish elements in the backtrack. It speaks about their experiences with Ex’s and has a very chilled sing-along feel to it. The idea was to create a ‘dream state’ which was inspired by J Cole’s EP “Everybody dies”. An almost unrealistically colourful world that emphasises the playful feel of their upcoming track. Look out for the release sometime near the end of February but in the meantime go and check this guy out, he’s making waves!

I Feel Like:

Facebook: VMIX Rapper
Instagram: @vmixrapper
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vmixrapper

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