Daniel Watara

We assisted the charismatic Daniel Watara in building a portfolio for 2017 as he looks to grow his passion for being in front of the camera. Daniel is a 20 year old engineering student from CPUT and interns at Martin & East – PTY LTD. He is passionate about the fashion industry and will be launching a brand with a group of his friends in the near future.

In order to showcase Daniel’s versatility we put together 4 distinct outfits; Formal, Street wear, summer casual & sporty. This is to ensure he isn’t restricted to one type of look when approaching agencies/clients. It also helps when marketing yourself via social media as your audience appeals more to a change in situation.

We wish you everything of the best this year man, looking forward to seeing your growth!

Look 1: (Formal)

Look 2: (Street-Style)

Look 3: (Casual)

Look 4: (Sports/Fitness)

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