Fashion Meet #1

A ‘Fashion meet’ refers to a gathering of fashion enthusiasts from different backgrounds that come together to network, chat and take pictures.

We hosted our first ever ‘Fashion meet’ which saw a young group of creatives come together, each with their own unique interpretation of fashion.

Our idea for the fashion meet stemmed from the creative mind of Leilah Collier and we were more than happy to turn the idea into a reality. We decided to use the idea as a platform for young creatives to network as well as offer the first time models an opportunity to get in front of the lens. Our day ended off with a fashion based talk which featured radio personality Keegan Basil and blogger/fashion editor Tarsha Scholtz who shared a bit about themselves as well as useful information about the fashion industry.

We were amazed by the positive vibe of the group and would like to say thank you to Cape Sun for hosting us and to everyone that contributed to the success of the meet. We hope to grow the concept even further in the new year with a fashion meet being held quarterly.

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